Why do we constantly tear others down?

So who watched the Super Bowl and Lady Gaga’s halftime performance? I thought her performance was wonderful and that she looked absolutely amazing. However, one if the first posts I saw online this AM was about how disgusting her stomach looked….ummmm really ???? That saddens me so much. I do not understand how the standard for how a woman is supposed to look has changed so drastically over the years. I envy Lady Gaga for being able to rock whatever outfit she chooses in front of Billions over viewers. It saddens me so to see the negative thread of comments on how she looked because she is not a size zero? We wonder why so many young girls have body image issues.  The truth is, regardless of how you look, you will always receive criticism.  You need to learn to ignore those that spill negativity into your life.

You also need to accept that you cannot make EVERYONE happy, you are not Nutella.  The only person that you need to focus on making happy is yourself. It is so easy to get sucked into negativity on a day to day basis, I am guilty of it as well.  

The truth is, there is absolutely no reason to be around those that make you feel bad about yourself. If an individual is not healthy for you in your life, you must learn to let them go.

So this is my challenge to you, go spread some light into people’s lives. Let them know just how much you appreciate them. I do not think we as humans tell our loved ones enough just how much they mean to us. ♡♡

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