We all need to unplug and recharge every once in awhile. I think that society has been bombarded with so many different types of electronics, different forms of social media, etc. that it sometimes feels hard to escape for awhile. I am guilty of spending hours and hours scrolling through my newsfeed and instagram for no reason at all. I then find myself feeling more stressed out because of all the information that is being thrown in every direction. I recently met someone that does not own a phone. At first I thought, wow, that is very odd. I then began to think about it more and realized how freeing that must be. I know that I cannot give up my phone but it did shed some light on my own life. I have decided that I am only going to check my phone in the morning and in the evening for any form of social media and to only use my phone outside of that for making phone calls and texts. I know that I do not live in the moment 100% of the time because of the Internet. It has become a social norm to spend hours and hours on your phone instead of living your every day life. I woke up this morning feeling stressed because I felt like I had to “catch-up” with what was going on in the Internet world. I really need a break from it all to just unwind and focus on some projects that I have been working on such as photography. Sometimes I do miss the days where I did not have a phone because life just felt a little slower and less stressful. If you are being bombarded with constant interaction day in and day out, how do you focus on yourself ? Truth is, you can’t. There are much higher rates of anxiety and stress than ever before because of the constant upgrades to electronics and the instant gratification that comes with them.  I think it causes us to forget the little things. So this is my project for myself, to unplug more every day. I hope to appreciate the beauty that I think I miss when my head is glued to my phone. I know it will be hard at first, but it is so necessary.

These are my goals while I unplug

1) meditate more

2) write more

3) enjoy nature more

4) spend more time with loved ones

I challenge you to make some goals for yourself too. Life is so short, so appreciate the moments that you can spend doing what you love. Pursue your passion, work on a new hobby, UNPLUG. Society functioned for a long time prior to electronics.  We need to change ourselves because society will not change it for us.

8 thoughts on “Unplug

  1. Jackie Johnson says:

    Sarah, I couldn’t agree more. I think about leaving my phone behind everyday. The one thing that I have started to do is when I walk I leave all electronic items behind even music. It is so nice to have time where no one can contact me and I can enjoy the places and people around me. Inspire the wonder around you Sarah.

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  2. I love this Sarah! I deleted the Facebook app from my devices to take a break in November and stayed away for two months. There was so much negativity and I just felt ick every time I read more and more negativity. I.was.shocked with how much more time I had, how much more I got done and how much better I felt. There were downsides…I realized I got most my news from Facebook, I missed some people’s major announcements and felt like a jerk. When I told them I’m not on Facebook lately I got responses of confusion and surprise. I still used messenger, Snapchat and Instagram but it was so much more less time. Anyways, will be interested to hear what your experience is.

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  3. I absolutely love this post! I have often considered getting rid of my iPhone and going back to a Stone Age phone. But the thought of doing that kind of scares me! Haha so lame I know but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’m writing this now as I stand in line at the post office. 😂😂😂 so sad I can’t even stand in line without getting on my phone! The apps I downloaded that tell me how much I use my phone every day has really helped with my phone time. I have also turned off my notifications for everything social media wise, so now I only know when someone reaches out to me when I actually get on and check. I need to send you the gifts that I’ve been collecting over the last year for you. One of them relates to this post! ❤️❤️❤️


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