Snow Fun Run

I have always heard a lot of great things about the Lake Geneva Snow Fun Run. The run takes place at the Grand Geneva resort. The resort is beautiful! It felt a bit like something out of the movie “The Shining” with the hallways that never end. The run was a 5 mile route, mostly out and back. It was a cold day, about 13 degrees. The run was fun but it is more about the party afterwards. Once you cross the finish, there are thousands of alcoholic shots waiting for you inside! There is also a delicious meal and all you can eat and drink for just $37 . There is a party with lots of dancing and dance competitions. So, if you are just looking for a good Ole’ time, I definitely recommend you give this run a try!

One thought on “Snow Fun Run

  1. My girlfriend and I ran the Shamrock Shuffle back in AK for St. Paddy’s Day a few years back and it was 9* out. Brrrrr….Why are we so crazy!?! Your pictures and snaps sure looked like you had a great time though


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